2020 Town Council Minutes

January 2020 Minutes

Quarter 3 Budget/actuals, Parish Partnership Agreement, Grant application- Headway, CIF 2020-22

February 2020 Minutes

Canalside Forum, Draft Regenrarion and Estate Renewal Strategy, MK Futures Strategy 2050, Grant application-MK Fringe, Planters Project Update, Ward Councillor Relationship

January 2020 Budget Meeting Minutes

Review of Action Plan, Staffing Update, Community Reserves Facility, Budget and Precept Proposals

March 2020 Town Council Meeting Minutes

Promotion of unique public realm, Hotel La Tour curation committee, Use of social media, salt bins, grant applications, MK Community Boat, Transport and parking evidence paper

2020 Planning Committee Minutes

January Planning Committee Minutes

Middleton Hall, Octo Square, Midsummer Tap

February Planning Committee Minutes

Mounted antennae- centre:mk, Bowback House

March Planning Committee minutes

Station House windows, Bowback House

Draft May Planning Committee minutes

Communication stations, modifications to The Place, Changes to Lloyds Court pedestrian access