2016 Town Council Minutes

paperclip14 January 2016 Minutes

Street cleaning; Parish Partnership Fund; MK50; Site Allocations Plan.

paperclip11 February 2016 minutes

Community Building; Annual Parish Meeting; Street Warden projects; CMK Parking Advisory Group; Plan:MK Development Directions consultation.

paperclip10 March 2016 Minutes

Landscaping; budget; community facility; development directions consultation; external audit procedures.

paperclip14 April 2016 Minutes

Grants programme; community facility; Plan:MK Consultation; Vizion access, Newsletters to businesses, Purple Flag, Campbell Park parking survey.

paperclip9 May 2016 Minutes

Petersfield Green bins; Parish Meeting; Wayfinding.

paperclip9 June 2016 Minutes

Accounts; Newsletter policy; Comms targets; Delivery to Vizion; Notice boards; Campbell Park community facility.

paperclip14 July 2016 Minutes

Budget; finance; website policy; Vizion newsletter delivery; plane tree removal in green frame.

paperclip11 August 2016 Minutes

Budget; finance; website policy; Vizion newsletter delivery; plane tree removal in green frame.

paperclip15 September 2016 Minutes

Licensing policy; MK50 projects; excess newsletter delivery; Open Spaces Assessment; VAT; recruitment of councillors.

paperclip13 October 2016 Minutes

Budget; Site Allocations Plan; 2017 meeting dates; CMK Business Improvement District; community facility.

paperclip10 November 2016 Minutes

Renaissance CMK; Parishes Forum; Open Spaces Assessment; Councillor resignation; Christmas lunch; Festive Road grant application; community facility update.

paperclip17 December 2016 minutes

Site Allocations Plan; Planning Committee; Budget; Community Facility Project.

2016 Planning Committee Minutes

paperclip6 Janaury 2016 Minutes

Brickhill House; 809/811 Silbury Boulevard; Lloyds Court illuminated advertising.

paperclip24 February 2016 Minutes

E1.2 Blocklet, Ashton & Norfolk House, 809/811 Silbury Boulevard

paperclip23 March 2016 Minutes

Norfolk House vents, Brickhill House conversion to residential.

paperclip27 April 2016 Minutes

Brickhill House conversion to residential, 809/811 Silbury.

paperclip25 May 2016 Minutes

Election of vice chair; Silbury Court signs; Genesis House.

paperclip22 June 2016 Minutes

Silbury Arcade; Genesis House; Multi Story Car Parks.

paperclipJuly 2016 Minutes

Sunset Walk; CBX Shisha Bar; Deer Walk; Genesis House; Norfolk & Ashton Houses.

paperclipAugust 2016 Minutes

199 North 2nd Street, Centre:MK changes, YMCA, Shisha Bar, Planning Committee meeting arrangements.

paperclipSeptember 2016 Minutes

Witan Gate, Victoria House substation, CMK advertising boards.

paperclip26 October 2016 Minutes

CMK Advertising boards; Airkix re-cladding.

paperclip23 November 2016 Minutes

Parks Trust Pavilion; Scheme of Delegation; AirKix; 809/811 Silbury Bvd, Leisure Plaza office block.

paperclip21 December 2016 Minutes

Tree pruning; Gloucester House; Bank House; Acorn House; 809/811 Silbury Bvd; Leisure Plaza office block.

2016 AGM Minutes

paperclip9 May 2016 Minutes

Chair’s Report; Financial Report; Clerk’s Report, Ratification of Policies and Procedures