2018 Town Council Minutes

11 January 2018 Minutes

Noise Reduction consultation; Saxon Court development brief; Mobility Strategy; emergency response planning; CMK Alliance Plan update; Plan:MK; Community Facility project.

8 February 2018 Minutes

Smithson’s Place; Noise Reduction Strategy; Saxon Court Development Brief; Mobility Strategy; Heritage Register; landscaping services; coach parking; Community Facility update.

08 March 2018 Minutes

Parks Trust loan; Planning Committee terms of reference; Site Allocations Plan; Heritage Register; Events Plateau Committee; speed indicating devices; space below elevated road.

12 April 2018 Minutes

Events Plateau project; PSPO working party; landscaping; City Sqaure trading deregulation.

10 May 2018 TC minutes

Residents’ survey; emergency response planning; GDPR; strategic plan; grant application.

7 June 2018 minutes

Events Plateau project; PSPO working party; landscaping; City Sqaure trading deregulation.

12 July 2018 minutes

Quarterly budget; contact details; annual meeting 2019; gambling principles consultation; dog waste bins; Fred Roche Gardens; street warden role; emergency response planning.

DRAFT – 9 August 2018 minutes – DRAFT

Dog bins; grant application; bank signatories; Councillor Baker departure; Campbell Park Northside development brief.

2018 Planning Committee Minutes

01 February 2018 Minutes

Towergate House; Southgate House; 152 Silbury Boulevard; Canalside street naming; electric charging station; The Point.

21 February 2018 Minutes

Terms of Reference; Islamic Centre expansion; signage / advertising applications; Station south multi storey car park.

21 March 2018 Minutes

Change of use applications; station south multi storey car park (MKDP); The Point; parking with PANB1C applications; 152 Silbury Bvd.

25 April 2018 Minutes

Station south multi storey car park (MKDP); The Point.

17 May 2018 Minutes

Election of Chairs; Lower Second Street Hotel; Xscape play area; Centre:MK meeting.

27 June 2018 minutes

Campbell Park signs; Grafton Park hotel; MK Gallery City Club proposal; Grant Thornton House.

24 July 2018 Minutes

Grant Thornton House; Grafton Park hotel; Wyevale site; Xscape signs; supportive application wording.

DRAFT – 21 August 2018 Minutes – DRAFT

Wyevale site; John Lewis car park; Point design code; MKC station car park; EIA screening applications; ways of working; Grant Thornton House.