2018 Town Council Minutes

11 January 2018 Minutes

Noise Reduction consultation; Saxon Court development brief; Mobility Strategy; emergency response planning; CMK Alliance Plan update; Plan:MK; Community Facility project.

8 February 2018 Minutes

Smithson’s Place; Noise Reduction Strategy; Saxon Court Development Brief; Mobility Strategy; Heritage Register; landscaping services; coach parking; Community Facility update.

08 March 2018 Minutes

Parks Trust loan; Planning Committee terms of reference; Site Allocations Plan; Heritage Register; Events Plateau Committee; speed indicating devices; space below elevated road.

12 April 2018 Minutes

Events Plateau project; PSPO working party; landscaping; City Sqaure trading deregulation.

10 May 2018 TC minutes

Residents’ survey; emergency response planning; GDPR; strategic plan; grant application.

7 June 2018 minutes

Events Plateau project; PSPO working party; landscaping; City Sqaure trading deregulation.

12 July 2018 minutes

Quarterly budget; contact details; annual meeting 2019; gambling principles consultation; dog waste bins; Fred Roche Gardens; street warden role; emergency response planning.

9 August 2018 minutes

Dog bins; grant application; bank signatories; Councillor Baker departure; Campbell Park Northside development brief.

13 September 2018 minutes

Housing strategy consultation, working parties, Landscape maintenance, community infrastructure fund, community enabler, co-option

11 October 2018 minutes

Events plateau, land at Smithson’s Place, service delivery of landscape maintenance, community infrastructure fund-landscape enhancement, community enabler, Hotel La Tour

Draft 8 November 2018 minutes

Smithsons Place, Gyosei art trail,Strategic Plan, Campbell Park Northside, budget review

Draft December 2018 TC minutes

Councillor vacancy, CIF Fund, Deputy Clerk & street warden update, grant application, Community Enabler, MK:U Design Brief Consultation

2018 Planning Committee Minutes

01 February 2018 Minutes

Towergate House; Southgate House; 152 Silbury Boulevard; Canalside street naming; electric charging station; The Point.

21 February 2018 Minutes

Terms of Reference; Islamic Centre expansion; signage / advertising applications; Station south multi storey car park.

21 March 2018 Minutes

Change of use applications; station south multi storey car park (MKDP); The Point; parking with PANB1C applications; 152 Silbury Bvd.

25 April 2018 Minutes

Station south multi storey car park (MKDP); The Point.

17 May 2018 Minutes

Election of Chairs; Lower Second Street Hotel; Xscape play area; Centre:MK meeting.

27 June 2018 minutes

Campbell Park signs; Grafton Park hotel; MK Gallery City Club proposal; Grant Thornton House.

24 July 2018 Minutes

Grant Thornton House; Grafton Park hotel; Wyevale site; Xscape signs; supportive application wording.

21 August 2018 Minutes

Wyevale site; John Lewis car park; Point design code; MKC station car park; EIA screening applications; ways of working; Grant Thornton House.

25 September 2018 Minutes

Hotel La Tour redway, Xscape fascia signs,Wyevale, Station MSCP, The Point design code, EIA screening options

 24 October 2018 minutes 

Moxy Hotel, Meeting dates 2019, Hotel La Tour, Towergate House

 21 November 2018 minutes 

Santander Digital Hub, Moxy Hotel, Station Square City Gateway

19 December 2018 minutes

Aubrey Place, Station House, Santander Digital Hub