Local Information and Reference

Local Schools Around CMK


Jubilee Wood Primary School, Ages 4-11, Fishermead, http://www.jubileewood.milton-keynes.sch.uk/

Germander Park School, Ages 4-7, Conniburrow, http://www.germanderpark.com/


Denbigh School, Ages 11-18, Shenley Church End, www.denbigh.net

Milton Keynes Academy, Ages 11-19, Leadenhall, http://www.miltonkeynesacademy.co.uk/

Stantonbury Campus, Ages 11-18, Stantonbury, http://www.stantonbury.org.uk/wp/

Oakgrove School, Ages 11-18, Middleton, https://www.oakgrove.school/


The Grove Independent School, Ages 3-14, Loughton, http://www.groveindependentschool.co.uk/

The Webber Independent School, Ages 3-18, Stantonbury, http://www.webberindependentschool.com/