Planning Matters

Due to the nature of CMK as a city centre location, the Town Council spends a large amount of time responding to planning applications. This involves making representations on new developments to help ensure that local needs and views are considered when Milton Keynes Council makes their decision. In the menu on the left you will find the minutes from our planning committee meetings.

CMK Neighbourhood Plan

The CMK Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by Milton Keynes Council following a vote in 2016. Since then it has become, and remains, a fundamental part of planning guidance for developers to address when considering submission of a new planning application within the CMK parish.

The detailed sections of the Plan can be accessed by clicking on the sections to the left of this page.

Planning Application Responses

From time to time the planning committee submit responses to planning application which are significant in the way in which the development, if approved, could change the look and feel of CMK for residents. We will add these responses to the website, but you can also respond to these until they are considered by Milton Keynes City Council planning committee by following this link and quoting the planning reference Simple Search (

CMK Town Council’s response to planning application 23.01739.FUL Campbell Park North Phase 1

CMK Town Council’s response to planning application 23.01634.FUL Jaipur

New City Plan

The New City Plan work has begun. within Milton Keynes City Council. This will feed into a detailed plan to replace the current Local Plan which sets the guidelines within which the city can grow and develop.

There will be a number of consultations for the public to be engaged with during the development of the Plan, which will include a separate section on CMK.

For more information simply visit the Milton Keynes City Council website.