2019 Town Council Minutes

10 January 2019 Minutes

Planning officer hours, updating CMK Plan, CMK action plan, Community enabler, Litter picking, planning obligations SPD

17 January 2019 Budget Meeting Minutes 

Cost projections for updating CMKAlliance Plan, Budget and Precept Proposals, Funds transfers

7 February 2019 Minutes

Task & Finish Working Party proposals, newsletter outsourcing proposal, community mobiliser.

March 2019 TC minutes

Appointment of non-councillors to working parties, residents’ survey. planter scheme. saferMK protocol, grant application

April 2019 Town Council minutes

Risk assessments, HR service provision, appointment of non-councillors to working parties, Fred Roche Gardens

May 2019 minutes

Grant application MK Pride, Annual meeting of the parish, devolution of assets and services

2019 Annual meeting minutes

Election of chair and vice chair, declaration of acceptance of new councillor, review and ratification of policies and procedures, community facility terms of reference, availability of town council papers to non- councillors, review  of membership of bodies and committees

June 2019 Town Council minutes

Budget/actual year end. Annual accounts. Grant applications.Information policy. SLA for weed machine.Outcome of CIF application.

July 2019 Town Council minutes

Draft Mobility Strategy consultation.Car cruising PSPO. Planning Obligations SPD submission. Affordable Housing SPD submission. Grant application.LCTRS parish funding consultation. Annual Insurance policy. Community Mobiliser. Residents’ Survey Report.

August 2019 Town Council minutes

Community facilities update, co-option, draft response Mobility Strategy, draft response Station Square consultation, grant applications

September 2019 Town Council minutes

Pest control, wreath for Armistice Day, CMK Life freelance, safeguarding policy, volunteering policy

October 2019 Town Council minutes

Gill Kirkup welcomed as new councillor, housing strategy consultation, meeting dates 2020, Undercroft public toilets Secklow Gate, transport and parking working party update, Guildhall acoustics, CIF consultation, Bucks Fire & Rescue Service Public Safety Plan

November 2019 Town Council minutes

Half yearly budgets/actuals report, grant application Middle Eastern Language School, CIF consultation response, Residents’ services working party update

Draft December 2019 Town Council minutes

Disciplinary and grievance procedures, Campbell Park needle finds, Dog Waste bins, Streamlining the website, Aubrey Place Development