Fighting for Residents’ Parking


In late 2012, CMK Town Council (CMKTC) succeeded in getting planning permission refused for the final phase of the Campbell Square development, off Avebury Boulevard, when they discovered that Taylor Wimpey were trying to count 23 public parking spaces on the highway towards their required quota for new residents. Parking is difficult enough for existing residents without adding to the problem. However, to make space for the correct number of parking spaces, Taylor Wimpey decided to move the new apartments closer to the original ones. Although the Town Council and residents objected to the impact on privacy, planning permission was granted in Spring 2013. Campbell Park residents sometimes struggle to find a parking space especially when visitors to the city centre park nearby to avoid parking charges or there are events held in Campbell Park. This is an issue that CMKTC will continue to work on. Meanwhile, residents living in CMK grid square were up in arms when MK Council came up with a proposal to scrap the use of scratch cards for visitors and residents alike. Your Town Council took up the cause, arguing that this was totally unfair, and the plans have now been shelved.