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4 January 2012 Minutes

SPD Guidance consultation; B4.4 Development; CMK Alliance Business Neighbourhood Plan (Terms of Reference)

9 February 2012 Minutes

Co-option; Budget; MKC Consultations (Housing, Transport); Bus Neigh Plan; John Lewis & Xscape plan apps

12 April 2012 Minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; IT strategy; Planning, Xscape, Station Square; Sports Pitch

14 June 2012 Minutes

Neighbourhood team; listening campaign; draft budget; licensing – casino; parking

9 August 2012 Minutes

Consultations – MK Tenancy, Gambling & Licensing; dog waste bins

13 Sep 2012 Minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; CMKTC Code of Conduct; Primark application

8 November 2012 Minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; Licensing – street trading; Primark application; warden

12 January 2012 Minutes

Co-option; Precept Levy; Consultations (HMOs, Design Guide, CIL); CMK Bus Neigh Plan;  John Lewis plan app

1 March 2012 Minutes

9th/10th St Play Area Grant; Resident consultation; Bus Neigh Plan; Parish Boundary changes; Licensing (Phoenix)

10 May 2012 Minutes

Listening campaign; Business neighbourhood plan; Play area; draft budget; planning matters

12 July 2012 Minutes

Transition Town team; CMK NAG; planning matters; Business neighbourhood plan

30 August 2012 Minutes

Community pop-up events; planning matters

11 October 2012 Minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; Licensing; Consultations – cycling & open spaces

6 December 2012 Minutes

Business Neighbourhood plan; Play area; grant application; Public toilets in Library

2012 Planning Committee Minutes

18 October 2012 Minutes

Phoenix House; Midsummer Place; B4.4; Eagle Walk; Next signage

20 November 2012 Minutes

Leisure Plaza; Campbell Square; Midsummer Place

2012 AGM Minutes

2012 AGM Minutes

Financial Statements; Chair’s Report; Clerk’s Report