2014 Town Council Minutes

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    CMK Town Council policy documents

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    progress reports

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9 January 2014 Minutes

Business Neighbourhood Plan; MBE workshop; Adelphi St parking; station square toilets; CMKTC policies

6 February 2014 minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; newsletter; grant application; Fred Roche gardens; office search; CMKTC policies

10 April 2014 minutes

Business neighbourhood plan; newsletter; MBE workshop stage 2; grant application, MKCCM ops report

12 June 2014 Minutes

Resources working party report; Albion Place cycle scheme; S106 community facilities; JL car park proposal

21 August 2014 Minutes

Community facility; grant applications; residents’ services; Midsummer Bvd. east; website/newsletter; job roles

9 October 2014 Minutes

Mid-year budget; CMK Warden tasks; residents’ questionnaire; Campbell Park parking survey; proposed projects; Midsummer Bvd. east; newsletter

13 November 2014 Minutes

Section 106 project; strategic plan; Campbell Park parking; green space; officer hours; procedures; regeneration strategy

23 January 2014 Minutes

Petersfield Green;  MBE workshop; North 13th St oak trees;  website; Wyevale proposal; Adelphi St

13 March 2014 Minutes

Co-option; Neighbourhood warden; website; MBE Workshop Stage 2; grit bins; CMKTC policies

8 May 2014 Minutes

Website; Planning committee; MBE Workshop, grant application; Business neighbourhood plan

10 July 2014 Minutes

Resignation; Warden’s report; Resource WP; community facility WP; MBE Workshop Stage 2; Parking update;

11 September 2014 Minutes

Standing orders; Projects Officer; Plan:MK support; grant application; planning committee; planning obligations protocol; Maybe Magazine

23 October 2014 Minutes

Budget to respond to Plan:MK consultation

11 December 2014 Minutes

HIMOs; Street Warden; projects update; project proposals; SPD; Parking consultation; green spaces; Cyclo Cross; team building event

2014 Planning Committee Minutes

06 February 2014 Minutes

Campbell Park / Newlands brief; Wyevale site

27 October 2014 Minutes

Abbeygate presentation; Terms of reference; multi storey car park; B3.3 north development brief; telecoms installations

2014 AGM Minutes

08 May 2014 Minutes

Chair’s report; Financial report; Clerk’s report