Free Talk on CMK “City Club” Proposal

City ClubAn exciting 1970s plan for a leisure complex in CMK is to be revisited at a talk at the MK Gallery on Thursday 17 September. Artists Gareth Jones and Nils Norman are proposing to take the ideals represented by the unbuilt City Club scheme as a starting point to consider future use of the public spaces around the soon to be expanded MK Gallery.

Planned in the 1970s as a unique combination of physical recreation and entertainment, City Club was to be a place where someone could “have a hard game of football, relax in a sauna bath, buy a book, online celebrex meet friends for a drink in the bar, look at an exhibition and eat in restaurants without leaving the Club”.

The Gallery describes this as “an opportunity to create a visually unified context for the new galleries and cinemas, as well as improving connections with the adjacent theatre, access from Midsummer Boulevard and the relationship of the site to Campbell Park.”

The event will begin at 6.30pm and is free to attend, but space is limited so pre-booking is essential. For more information please go to the event website.