Free Exhibition by International Artists Boyd & Evans in CMK

Boyd & Evans 3A small but striking exhibition of photography by international artists Boyd & Evans is currently on display in the light-filled atrium at the CMK Campus of Milton Keynes College on Silbury Boulevard. The exhibition is dominated by a finely detailed, 28 foot high photograph of a beech tree, invisibly ‘stitched together’ from around fifty separate images.

Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans came to Milton Keynes as artists in residence as the new town was taking shape. Although they went on to explore deserts and rainforests, they liked Milton Keynes so much they made it their home. The artistic team captured the drama and optimism of MK’s creation in a vast mural painted for the central public library on Silbury Boulevard. It is called ‘Fiction, Non-fiction and Reference’ and is well worth a visit next time you are passing by. They also created the ‘Situation Comedy’ painting for Woughton Campus. Both  paintings are based on a grid structure, inspired by Milton Keynes’ original design. Images of their work can be viewed here.

Boyd & Evans 1The free exhibition runs until December 19th and is located at the heart of MK College’s busy city centre campus. Why not take a break in the bustling café, right next to the gallery?

The College campus, pictured left, is located by the junction of Silbury Boulevard and Upper Third Street. To find the exhibition, use the main entrance off Silbury Boulevard and to reach the ‘top of the tree’, follow the signs up to the first floor gallery.

More information can be found on Milton Keynes College’s website.