Changes Planned for Norfolk & Ashton Houses (Update: Now Withdrawn)

DSCF1798aA planning application has been submitted to make substantial changes to the environment around Ashton House and Norfolk House, on Silbury Boulevard. The plans include building a new car park between Norfolk House and the YMCA, on existing green space. They also include removing the pool around the ‘Octo’ figure of eight infinity sculpture at the east end of Norfolk House and redesigning the garden area that houses the artwork.

Another aspect of the plans is adding a new metal structure to the four-storey glass wall of Ashton House, on its frontage with Silbury Boulevard. This will substantially alter the façade of the building. As part of this redesigned main entrance, a new pedestrian walkway will be extended out into the car parking on Silbury Boulevard, replacing some of the existing public parking spaces. The plans are expected to go before Milton Keynes Council’s planning committee this month.

To view the plans in their entirety, please go to the application’s page on the Milton Keynes Council planning portal.


These plans have now been withdrawn by the applicant. We will update you with more information if another application is made.