Another First for CMK

CMK Alliance PlanLast year we invited residents to tell us how they would like to see CMK develop and grow as part of a major neighbourhood planning project called the CMK Alliance Plan 2026. Along with help from community representatives and business leaders your Town Council has led the drive to create the most ambitious ‘Business Neighbourhood Plan’ in the country. The 120-page document gives a clear guide to developers on what sort of plans are most suitable for CMK and the Campbell Park grid square over the next 15 years.

The good news is that the Plan has now passed another milestone and been approved by an independent examiner. The next step is for two referendums, held later this year, to make sure that the business community and residents support the principle of developing CMK along the lines of the original ‘grid-city’, with a greater mix of commercial and community uses. If the answer is ‘Yes’, it will join other key planning policies against which all future planning applications to build new homes, shops, leisure facilities and so on will be judged.