New Development Saves Local YMCA

The YMCA in Milton Keynes will gain 50 new sleeping units in new plans unveiled recently. The existing three low-level buildings, which are no longer fit for purpose, will be demolished and replaced with a new 8-storey YMCA building, integrating all of the housing into a single building.

The new building includes a range of types of accommodation from single rooms, some in clusters with shared kitchens, studio and 1 bed apartments, together with circa 2,100sqm of social, recreational, commercial and administrative space. This will include a café/canteen, double height social space, shops, nursery, training and teaching spaces and a community space.

As part of the deal with Milton Keynes Council and the developer, part of the land currently occupied by the YMCA’s three buildings will be redeveloped as a new private rental apartment block. This will stand on the east end of the site, nearest Saxon Gate, whilst the new YMCA building will stand on the west side next to North Sixth Street.

The current layout of the YMCA, with three separate buildings, is not well suited to its function and the new building will make their operations much more efficient and secure.