Driverless Pods on Their Way to CMK

driverless podsThe much publicised driverless pods will be coming to Central Milton Keynes shortly, allowing people to ride in one from the train station to the shops of their choice.

The Pinnacle building in CMK houses one of  7 Catapult innovation centres set up to encourage business, government, academics and research to work together to find solutions to 21 century problems.  The Transport Catapult – called the ‘Imovation Centre’ – was opened earlier this summer by Business Secretary, Vince Cable.

At the end of July, the Transport Systems Catapult welcomed the announcement,  by the Technology Strategy Board, of a £10m investment in research and development projects to explore how driverless cars can be integrated into everyday life in the UK.

Although less Sci-Fi than driverless pods, Steve Yianni, the CEO of Catapult in Milton Keynes has recently written about his new electric-powered BMW i3 with a petrol range extender.  CMK has been at the forefront of installing electric charge points in parking bays around the city-centre, as well as two high-powered machines that can fully re-charge a vehicle in less than 30 minutes.