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paperclip15 January 2015 Minutes

HIMOs; Planning Committee; Adelphi Street footpath; notice boards; Residents’ Forum; precept; 2015/16 projects

paperclip12 March 2015 Minutes

Questionnaire findings; grant application; allotments; open green spaces; annual meeting; residents forum; volunteers/friends; site allocation plan; parking consultation; precept


14 May 2015 minutes

Allotments; Questionnaire; Notice Boards; Strategic Plan; Litter Bins; Rugby World Cup Legacy; Grant Applications; Freedom of Information Policy; Annual Parish Meeting.


9 July 2015 Minutes

Land Categorisation Plans; Neighbourhood Plan Expenditure; Local Council Award Scheme; Landscaping Working Party; Planning Obligations SPD.

paperclip10 September 2015 minutes

Litter Bins; Street Warden; Bus Users Group Membership; Notice Boards; Landscaping Working Party; CMK Transport & Parking Consultation; Annual Parish Meeting; Planning Committee New Member

paperclip12 November 2015 minutes

Litter bins; newsletter delivery to Vizion; notice boards; 2016 meeting dates; S106 community facility options; porte cochere advertising; Site Allocation Plan

paperclip12 February 2015 Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan referendums; drains; litter bins; site allocations plan; parking consultation; community facilities

paperclip16 April 2015 Minutes

Litter bins; annual meeting; Support Awards; MKALC; Partnership Fund; Play Area Improvement Scheme; Community Facilities

paperclip11 June 2015 minutes

Grant application; Local Council Award Scheme; Dog Bins; Allotments; Campbell Park Rugby Fanzone; Planning Committee Budget; Polices & Procedures; Gazebo; Residents Forum Meeting Budget.

paperclip13 August 2015 Minutes

Councillor co-option; litter bins, community facilities, Neighbourhood Plan illustrations, notice boards, residents forum, planning awards, Parking Standards SPD

paperclip8 October 2015 minutes

Allotments; Dog Bins; Future Cabinet Delegated Decisions; Midsummer Boulevard East Granite Damage; Call-in Request; Intu Judicial Review; Notice Boards; Parking Standards Consultation; Parish Funding; Street Trading


10 December 2015 Minutes

Financial regulations; 2016 meeting dates; training policy; street cleansing schedules; funding for pre-inquiry submission; Section 106 Working Group update.

2015 Planning Committee Minutes

paperclip07 January 2015 Minutes

Gallery extension; Future meeting dates

paperclip25 February 2015 Minutes

Brickhill House; Theatre District hotel; Site Allocation plans (Land east of John Lewis car park & Station Square); Affordable Housing Obligation;  E2.4 multi-storey car park.

paperclip27 May 2015 Minutes

Kingsbridge House; 201 Avebury House; North 2nd Street Hotel; Intu; Campbell Park / Newlands Marina development

paperclip23 July 2015 Minutes

Roundabout signs; planning writers; Lloyds Court

paperclip30 September 2015 Minutes

Central Bus Station; C3.3 Development Brief; Judicial Review; Sunset Walk; Ashton House; Network Rail Sports Facility

paperclip28 January 2015 Minutes

Office-Residential Conversions; Brickhill House; Theatre District.

paperclip29 April 2015 Minutes

Theatre District hotel; Site Allocation Plans; Leisure Plaza Hotel; Intu Plans; MKDP Year Two Review; Barratt’s Meeting.

paperclip24 June 2015 Minutes

Design Panels; Porte Cochere Art; Norfolk/Ashton Houses; Intu

paperclip26 August 2015 Minutes

Signs; lamppost banners; Acorn Walk; Ashton House


21 October 2015 minutes

Regency Court support services; C3.3S Development Brief; Elder Gate sports facility; Outdoor Advertising Policy; Listing Documents

paperclip25 November 2015 Minutes

Ternion Court; Medina House; Lloyds Court advertisements.

2015 AGM Minutes

paperclip14 May 2015 Minutes

Chair’s Report; Financial Report; Clerk’s Report