Discover the Value of Trees

Treezilla is making a monster map of Britain’s trees, and CMK Town Councillors have been helping out in the city. CMK Town Councillor Hilarie Bowman and local resident Gill Kirkup have recently measured 78 trees in their street, discovering a walnut and a fruiting cherry tree that they had never noticed before. The trees around Eton Mews have also recently been surveyed by Councillor Ken Baker.

Residents are invited to use Treezilla to record the trees near you and find out how they benefit the local environment. Just register at, put a tape measure round the trunk of your favourite trees and enter them on to a google map of your neighbourhood. If you are not sure what species your tree is you can take a photo and submit that.

CMK’s trees are a crucial part of the design and character of our city centre. They also take in carbon dioxide from the air and giving out the oxygen we need to survive. Trees remove various pollutants from the atmosphere such as PM10 particulates, sulphur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Urban trees are particularly important in reducing the levels of air pollution, and this project will help make sure they are protected and properly looked after.

For more information, you can email the organisers at