Brighter Outlook for Midsummer Boulevard?

MSB Workshop Site Visit

MSB Workshop Site Visit

Around 80 people, including members of the public, business representatives, Milton Keynes Council, parish councillors and many others spent three days discussing possible improvements for Midsummer Boulevard East (the stretch between Saxon Gate and Marlborough Gate).

The aim of the workshop was to come up with ideas to make the city centre a more appealing place for residents, shoppers and visitors and to improve connections between facilities and attractions.

The workshop, jointly sponsored by MK Council and your Town Council, produced a high degree of consensus on the way forward and some ambitious yet practical ideas.

These included:

  • Reducing the huge amount of bus traffic along Midsummer by building a new passenger hub next to Secklow Gate and re-routing
  • ‘Animating’ the southern side of the shopping building
  • Redesigning the Boulevard to be more pedestrian-friendly, whilst giving access to vehicles on an ‘invitation’ basis (for disabled access etc)
  • Enhancing and improving the market
  • Creating a safe pedestrian/cycle route better connecting Silbury to Midsummer Boulevard when the shopping building is closed
  • Providing a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ for public enjoyment along the Boulevard
  • Introducing the latest public transport system along the whole Boulevard, linking the station to the shopping centre and Campbell Park.

The follow-up workshop is being planned for June, after which we will stage a public exhibition to seek your views.