New ‘Northside’ Development for Campbell Park

Proposals for new high-rise residential buildings along the undeveloped land to the north of Campbell Park have been revealed by Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP). The organisation, which is fully owned by Milton Keynes Council, has issued an invitation for developers to put forward plans for the site.

The brief, which is at a very early stage, is for a mixed-use development including new housing and possibly a hotel. “We hope this will be an exciting new development for Campbell Park with a range of homes and other uses,” said MKDP chief executive Charles MacDonald. “It is a large 29-acre site and we are keen to see construction of a range of facilities that will add vitality and vibrancy to the area.”

The plans come some 25 years after roads were first laid out across the site in expectation of housing development that never materialised.