Trees Thinned on North Row

The lines of trees along North and South Rows, which form part of the ‘green frame’ that defines CMK, were planted between 30 and 40 years ago when the city centre was first being constructed.

. Just fill out a medical questionnaire so that one of the certified doctors ensures that the use of generic Viagra does not conflict with the physical and medical condition of the patient. As a result, these have now begun to outgrow their originally envisaged size, growing into each other in a way that can damage their health and access to nutrients and sunlight.

After a successful operation to test the principle of thinning the trees last year, The Parks Trust is now carrying out the second phase of thinning these London Plane trees. As well as giving the remaining trees more room to grow and stay healthy, the works should reduce the damage caused by roots to the car parking and footpaths in the area.

While this work is taking place, some parking bays on North Row may be closed.