Representatives Gather for First Meeting of the CMK Residents’ Forum

Residents Forum 3 small - Thomas WalkerThe first meeting of the new CMK Residents’ Forum took place on Thursday 26 March. The Forum is a new initiative that aims to bring together residents associations and organisations from all the different areas across CMK into a single meeting where issues facing all of them can be discussed and addressed. It may sometimes also include representatives from the Thames Valley Police and other bodies that can help address the issues raised by local groups.

This first meeting brought together residents groups from areas such as both sides of Campbell Park, the North 9th Street flats and Eaton Mews, along with Town Council representatives and the CMK Warden. The issues discussed covered a wide range of topics, from litter and road gritting to rat problems and planning issues. Many issues were clearly common to many different areas, while others provided opportunities for groups to learn from the experiences of other parts of CMK. The Warden was also able to take note of specific issues that he would be able to pursue and resolve.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that the exercise had been helpful and productive, and that it should become a regular occurrence. It is anticipated that the forum will meet quarterly, with the next meeting scheduled for early June. Representatives from more areas around CMK would be very welcome; if you would be interested in representing your street or block at the forum, please contact Councillor Bowman at