Could you set up an Internet Club?

Are some people in your community being left behind in the internet revolution? Could you set up and run an internet club?

Increasingly as technology moves forward fast, some people are being left behind. They may not own or have access to any internet connected devices, or they may have difficulty learning how to use them. It may be that they would just like someone else to perform some task for them every month or so. A community Internet Club can help those who are currently excluded from online activities either by helping them to learn to use the devices, or by carrying out internet tasks for them.


  • Accessing information and services which are increasingly online-only
  • Keeping in touch with family especially if they live far away
  • Ordering and having shopping delivered at home
  • Benefiting from online discounts
  • Online banking
  • Ordering prescriptions
  • Connecting with and shaping the local community e.g. example, responding to online consultations, local news, email groups
  • Finding and keeping in touch with people who share your hobbies
  • Sharing experiences

How it works: In a welcoming environment the emphasis is on social interaction and increasing confidence with peer support. Operating on a drop-in basis members bring their own device or borrow one to try.

What you need: A room (hired or otherwise), use of Wifi, people with confidence and patience to advise (only basic IT skills needed). A printer and a couple of devices, which members may use or try are useful to have. Any expenses can be met for equipment hire by requesting a small (e.g. £2) donation.

Useful links:

Please contact Milton Keynes Council if you want some help and advice:

Jilly Alborne: , 01908 253664
Robert Pilkington: , 01908 258076