Our Local Hero - Barbara Reeves

This year the Pride of MK awards recognised the great work Barbara Reeves is doing for residents who need a helping hand.

To Bin or Not to Bin

Please let us know whether you would want some of your parish precept (tax) money spent on providing bins if the Borough Council is unable or unwilling to fund them

Landscape Budget Chopped

We would welcome suggestions from our residents about how we might achieve the best results within the limited budget.

Points of Contention

Overall, we do not believe the current plans will create a high quality of development in the landmark tradition of the original Point.

Calling All Junior Film-Makers!

CMK Town Council is co-funding 10 young people from the parish to produce a film about Central Milton Keynes.

Problems in the Park

"We will continue to press MK Council, as well as local employers, to find a long term solution to help residents,” says Councillor Ashbury.