Projects & Priorities

Street Warden for CMK

Following the axing of the neighbourhood warden service in 2013 as a cost-saving measure by Milton Keynes Council (MKC), several parish and town councils have employed their own wardens (funded through their parish precept).

In Central Milton Keynes, the Town Council and  MK City-Centre Management (MKCCM)  have joined forces in funding a CMK Warden.

Warden Duties

  • Audit the street scape on a daily basis, waste management, landscaping, vermin control, highway issues reporting any failures through to public access.
  • Monitor, identify and seek solutions for pest control in the public realm
  • Audit rough sleepers around the city centre and seek solutions through the third sector.
  • Utilise Enforcement powers on street violations and communicate to Milton Keynes Council (MKC)
  • Meet MKC contractors and monitor operational schedules
  • Oversee and manage MKCCM projects (Butt Bins, Safe Hut, and Community Projects)
  • Liaise with the Town Council and actively support and enhance the work of the resident associations
  • Actively support any community projects lead by the Town Council.
  • Liaise with stakeholder on community payback projects for Central Milton Keynes