2017 Town Council Minutes

12 January 2017 Minutes

Fred Roche Foundation grant application; notice boards; Campbell Park community facility.

9 February 2017 Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting; General Power of Competence; Local Council Award Scheme; MKC Budget Consultation.

9 March 2017 Minutes

Option to Tax (Community Facility); Grant Application; Community Facility Draft Agreement.

13 April 2017 Minutes

MKALC; Strategic Plan; living wage; Plan:MK; co-option.

11 May 2017 Minutes

Strategic Plan; budget.

08 June 2017 Minutes

Accounts; Community Pavillion; grant applications; Plan:MK.

13 July 2017 Minutes

Wayfinding; co-option; litter; Planning Committee meetings; developments at Marlborough Gate.

10 August 2017 Minutes

Councillor vacancy; Forest and Folk grant application; bus stops; New Town Heritage Register; co-option; rough sleepers and professional beggars.

14 September 2017 Minutes

New Councillor; Plan:MK; MKCCM membership; Rough Sleeper Reduction Strategy; Planning Obligations SPD; Fred Roche Foundation membership; events plateau project.

12 October 2017 Minutes

Planning Obligations SPD; PSPO Working Party; Christmas lunch; 2018 meetings; Armistice Day wreath.

9 November 2017 Minutes

Projects update; Planning Obligations SPD; PSPO Working Party.

14 December 2017 Minutes

Budget Meeting dates; Licensing Policy; Open Spaces Assessment; Plan:MK response; land at Smithsons Place; Strategic Plan; GDPR data protection legislation.

2017 Planning Committee Minutes

25 January 2017 Minutes

Grant Thornton House; 60 Midsummer Place; 804-806 Midsummer Bvd; Theatre District; Glebe Roundabout.

22 February 2017 Minutes

32 Midsummer Bvd advertising; Station House entrance doors; 44 Columbia Place HiMO; Glebe Roundabout development; Aubrey Place Moxy Hotels; Theatre District.

26 April 2017 Minutes

Lloyds Court; Glebe Roundabout; Hub Hotel; Theatre District; 44 Columbia Place.

25 May 2017 Minutes

Towergate House; advertising applications; Campbell Park Canalside.

21 June 2017 Minutes

Exchange House; Lloyds Court.

26 July 2017 Minutes

Grant Thornton House; Deer Walk; Borough Walk; former BHS unit; Inu side entrance.

23 August 2017 Minutes

Wording asking for DCC referral; Norfolk House West hotel; former BHS unit; Intu side entrance; Luminous House; Deer Walk; planning obligations.

27 September 2017 Minutes

Wording asking for DCC referral; Norfolk House West hotel; YMCA redevelopment; Deer Walk.

25 October 2017 Minutes

Grant Thornton House; 44 Columbia Place; advertising banners; Marina-Newlands bridge.

20 December 2017 Minutes 

Medina House; Grant Thornton House; advertising banners.

2017 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes