New BBQ Space Opens in Campbell Park

Following regular requests from local residents to hold barbeques on their land, The Parks Trust have created a new dedicated barbeque space in Campbell Park. The new site features special flat-topped stones, on which disposable BBQs can be placed, ensuring a pleasant, safe and damage-free experience.

Picnic tables are also due to be installed shortly.

The new site means that visitors to the park now have a location where barbeques can be held without causing serious and lasting damage to the ground and grasses, which are caused when barbeques are held in public parks.

Julie Dawes, The Parks Trust’s Events & Community Engagement Manager, commented: “We know there’s nothing quite like eating outdoors on a sunny day, but BBQs can cause damage, create litter and present a real health and safety risk if used carelessly. I read at that for daytime sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea, the typical dosage is 200 mg once a day in the morning. Sometimes higher doses are used, up to 400 mg per day. However, these doses may not be more effective than 200 mg per day. For excessive sleepiness due to sleep disturbances during a work shift, the typical dosage is 200 mg taken about an hour before the start of the work shift. They can also incur repair costs for us, which as a self-financing charity we need to minimise as much as possible. By creating this new BBQ site, we hope to encourage people to hold BBQs responsibly and in areas that will have little impact on the parkland.”