Creative Alternative to Controversial CMK Car Park

New Horizons 1CMK Town Council has revealed that it tried to persuade Hermes, owners of the shopping centre, to adopt a far more imaginative development instead of their controversial proposal for a vast multi-storey car park next to John Lewis. The Town Council’s proposal, named ‘New Horizons’, combines a food supermarket, cultural and leisure activities, restaurants, and possibly high quality accommodation around a hidden core of multi-storey car parking. New Horizons would also deliver a stunning new feature to CMK in the form of a full height winter garden, creating unparalleled views across Campbell Park.

New Horizons was worked on by CMK Town Councillor Ken Baker, one of the original designers of Central Milton Keynes. He designed the proposals to continue the light-filled spaces that make the Listed Shopping Building (The Centre:MK) so unique. The full version of our proposal, including detailed plans, can be viewed here: CMKTC New Horizons Proposal

New Horizons 2Unfortunately Hermes, the owners of the shopping building who are progressing the current car park scheme, rejected CMKTC’s proposal. Instead they intend to proceed with a car park five times larger than the one at the theatre, with only one access road, in spite of nearly a hundred objections from local residents against this ill-conceived plan. Nevertheless, the Town Council intends to continue pursuing its alternative proposal, confident that it offers far more for the people of Milton Keynes.

Hermes’ application is expected to go to the Development Control Committee at Milton Keynes Council on 6 November.